Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hot Spring Selayang - Malay Tea House

plan asal nye satu je...
naik turun tangga batu caves dlm 5 kali gitu.. tapi, focal point hari tu ke lain plak...

lepas abis basah lencun ngn peluh after batu caves, kitorg proceed pegi breakfast..

then calvin and the geng ajak pegi mandi kat hotspring selayang..

mak aih, di tengahari gitu, panas giler airnye.. kene letak dalam baldi nak kasi air sejuk baru boleh tuang kat badan..

then, abis bermandi-mandian, kami pun cari tempat minum, tak lain tak bukan, (pilihan nora) malay tea house fRim..

abis kat malay tea house tu, kitorg terjerat ngn tipu helah nora (byk belajar ngn mamud la die sekarang) pegi jalan2 kat route mtb, nak tengok canopy special.. (please proceed to see the photos), agak special gak la canopy tu, boleh pulak die tumbuh tp tak cover satu same lain..

then, before calling it a day, kitorg pun lunch kat kfc..

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kenyir Triathlon 2010

it was called malaysia's toughest triathlon, and it was very tough, indeed. for a start, i did relay (run) for 10km, with dearest teammates mas (swimmer) and chin (mountain bike cyclist). and this is the place where you expect the unexpected!

as usual, our gathering place for the convoy members would be our most favourite hang-outs, pusat akuatik-renang tomyam (where you can find the best tomyam in town). we set out to terengganu at 12.30am saturday morning (due to some delay where some of our convoy members terlajak tido di rmh!~) haha! and the journey took about 7-8 hours (since we stopped at almost every R&R for lepak and some strategy-planning meeting).

we reached kuala berang at about 8.30am, we had our special breakfast there, nasi lemak, nasi dagang, and some other terengganu specialties.

we continued our journey for another one hour until we reached the beautiful kenyir lake resort and spa (we didn't get the chance to play around the spa, though) but the views and surroundings of the lake were superb! the first activity was went out for lunch, and sleep and rest for those who were so worn out due to the long and bumpy journey. at night, we had our carbo-loading and briefing about the race.

on sunday, everybody woke up early, got ready of everything, and set out to the starting line. the guys went out first riding on their bicycles..while the girls managed to get a ride on the powerbar-sponsor van!~ it was a very cheerful event for all of us, and it was proven that kenyir triathlon is possible to all of us :P

thousand thanks to mas for her support and company during my tormenting 10k run (i never felt that exhausted before) having to run up the bukit hantu kuman kamin. everyone involved was a finisher, and ameer even got first place for Terengganu close category.

the beautiful kenyir lake

this is me, taking a lot of videos of us

 after registration, we walked to our chalet

somebody looks sleepy during race briefing
from left, azwan, mahmud, and ameer

with  my teammates,
mas as swimmer, chin as cyclist, and me as runner

mahmud after the swim test, saying that the bouy rope can only be seen for a short while then it goes deep into the water

ombak in the house

mas just got out of the water

Erin and I waiting for our cyclists

Finally finished my run

Everybody happy after finishing the race

Ameer got 1st place in Terengganu close category

Till next time.. bye