Thursday, January 22, 2015

Terung Asam/Terung Iban

In Sarawak we have this one local vege that we call terung asam (by melayu serawak) or terung iban (by my ethnic). I have been staying here (Klang Valley) since 2006 and never once did I found this terung anywhere. They say we can find it in Cameron Highland, but they were mistaken for persimmons.
My husband and I finally decided to plant it at home.. seeds from the terung we brought here from Sarawak.
The terung asam has its own taste. It can be perfectly combined with fish, chicken, beef, pork, or just by itself.
It is a very sensitive plant to be planted. It only grows well on the hill-soil. I remember when I visited my aunty's place at rumah panjang, the tree just grew well and healthy (with fruits) under the rumah panjang! Shady area. My father has the tree at home in Kuching, but it just doesn't bear fruit. I guess there must be some special condition for it to grow well. I hope our project here work well.
Now we can really see some seedling coming up. Fingers crossed...

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